Given up on Vista

March 10th, 2007 by Andy Leave a reply »

So after a couple of months using Vista on my new laptop, I’ve given up and gone back to XP. The last straw was when Vista wouldn’t recognise my new digital camera, even though it’s just a standard USB disk device. After an hour or so of futile poking around in device manager, I finally did a google search and someone recommended telling Vista to look in c:\windows\system32 for the drivers it needs. Incredibly that worked, but by that time I was so furious I made up my mind to reinstall XP the next night.

It’s *so* good to be back on XP. Everything is faster, my disk isn’t constantly churning, my sound works properly (no stuttering), I can login using my fingerprint reader again, and Windows Explorer works properly. The only things I miss are the sidebar (solved by installing desktop sidebar), and the search in the start menu (which I can easily live without).

Don’t get me wrong, Vista is not terrible. It’s just that for me on this particular laptop, the pain outweighs the gain. Maybe I’ll try it again in a year or two, when we’ve had a couple of service packs and the drivers are all sorted out.


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