.NET FAQ is no more

October 1st, 2009 by Andy Leave a reply »

I was considering an overhaul of my two FAQs, as I haven’t really done any work on them for years.   But looking through the .NET FAQ, it became obvious that it would need a total rewrite, and there doesn’t seem much point, with all the books and web resources available now.  It served its purpose in the early .NET days (the FAQ was first published in 2000!), but it’s time for it to be retired. 

I’ll leave the document on the site, so bookmarks will still work, but I’ve removed all links to it from my home page.  Interesting to see how quickly that affects the search engine ranking – after all these years it’s still number one for ‘.net faq’, in both google and bing.

The C# FAQ (for C++ programmers) looks a bit more salvageable, so I’ll keep it for now, and aim to give it an overhaul over the next few months.  


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