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My MSDN bug has disappeared

November 15th, 2005

Logged into the MSDN feedback center today, to see the progress of the ListView bug I reported (see previous blog entry). To my surprise all record of the bug has disappeared. So I used a direct link to the bug, and I got this:

Page is hidden

This feedback is not being displayed because it may identify a possible security vulnerability.

Please re-submit this feedback, and all other security-related issues, at Please refer to our FAQ for more details.

So apparently the bug is a potential security vulnerability. Actually that makes sense, because it brings the process down. Could easily be due to a buffer overrun or similar issue that could be exploited by a bad guy.

The strange thing is that I’ve heard nothing from MS on this – not even an automated mail saying that my bug was closed. And the message on the web page isn’t too encouraging. Do they really expect me to report the problem again via a different web page, after they’ve apparently wiped my original bug report?

Perhaps I should just forget about doing the right thing and cash in?

.NET 2.0 ListView VirtualMode

November 6th, 2005

The Winforms ListView control has a great new feature in .NET 2.0 – virtual mode. Some time ago I wrote a text file viewer (for log files) using .NET 1.1, and I had to hack together my own virtual mode – it worked ok but had a lot of bugs that I never got around to fixing. So I was very happy to be able to ditch all that dodgy code by porting to .NET 2.0.

The only problem is that there are a few bugs. I’ve reported a particularly nasty one via the MS feedback center. If you’re using virtual mode and getting apparently random crashes, check that you haven’t got any list items containing exactly 260 characters.